Curious to know more about our worship, and what to expect? Hopefully this will help!

The Sunday Service

Our typical Sunday church services follow a liturgy anchored in the Word, sacraments and prayer. A typical service will therefore include elements like:

  • A call to worship, taken from the Bible
  • Designated reading of a Bible passage
  • A sermon that helps to unpack the meaning and application of the Bible passage
  • Prayers of confession, petition, thanksgiving and praise
  • Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that express our life and doctrine as God’s people
  • Proclamation of the gospel in the visible sacrament of Communion
  • A benediction or blessing of the people, taken from the Bible
  • Fellowship over tea and coffee

Kids @ New City

We cater to kids as needs dictate. We have a clear framework for safe ministry, including screening all kids helpers via a Working With Childrens Check, SafeMinistry training, agreement to our Code of Conduct and Safe Ministry Policy. We have a separate room available for kids church, and we aim to teach them in line with what we’re studying that term in ‘big church’ – so that parents and kids can have good conversations at home. At other times, like school holidays, we try to provide activity sheets and clipboards for kids to stay inside. A simple creche area is available at the back of the main hall.

Songs We Sing

In terms of music, we try to maintain a healthy balance between traditional and modern hymns. But we’re also very careful about what we sing – every song is carefully examined against a set of criteria to check they are theologically sound, congregationally suitable, and not written or copyrighted to organisations that otherwise teach contrary to our beliefs. If you’d like to get a sense of the kind of songs we sing, you can check out a playlist by various artists here –

What the Preaching is Like

If you’d like to get a sense of what our approach to preaching is like, you can check out our sermon feed.

and the Rest of the Week too!

Of course, we live out the gospel all week, and so our worship is not just what happens on Sundays!

So we like to create other opportunities for ministering to each other and enjoying fellowship through the week, particularly in small groups and 1-2-1 pairings. We encourage our members to connect in this way too, so that we can share the journey through life in a meaningful way together.

After all, God created us to be in relationship, and to be in community!